Delivering new insights to drive personalized trials


Collaborate with a board-certified nephrologist (who is also in academia), to ensure successful trial design and execution 

Engage Fortrea’s regulatory strategy and operational experts for data-driven planning

Leverage relationships with nephrology sites and trial stakeholders (such as Dialysis Organizations and Kidney Patient Advocacy Groups) to deliver timely diversity-focused recruitment

Experience matters when choosing a partner

過去 5 年間の実績


Nephrology Studies






Why choose Fortrea for your next Nephrology trial?

  • Hear and apply our lessons learned across the different types of nephrology studies to understand the nuances of sites and recipe for successful trial execution in dialysis vs. rare kidney disease (e.g., Glomerular Disease) vs. common CKD (e.g., Diabetic Kidney Disease) patients
  • Benefit from our focused training specific to the needs of each type of nephrology study to address issues such as proper 24-hour urine collections, renal biomarker development, PRO collection and central lab monitoring
  • Harness the dedicated and overlapping expertise of our partners in Clinical Pharmacology Solutions and our Rare and Pediatric Disease colleagues

Renal Impairment Studies 希少疾患


Your agile partner for comprehensive nephrology clinical trials

We bring extensive depth of expertise to nephrology therapeutic development. Once your trial is underway, you can rely on Fortrea's clinical trial management team to provide close communication and collaboration. We use a highly flexible clinical platform for electronic patient-reported outcomes to provide high-quality data that enables you to stay connected to the progress of your program.

Fortrea はフェーズ I から IV までの治験管理、臨床薬理、患者様アクセスソリューション、その他業務を実現するサービスの総合的なプロバイダーとして、バイオ医薬品、医療機器、診断の各分野の新興企業や大手企業と提携し、革新的なヘルスケアを世界中に促進するべく取り組んでいます。

Fortrea からのニュースやお知らせを購読できます。